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Story of St Mark


Fencing is a way of life. It’s a path to explore what it means to be human and to be alive. St Mark is a company dedicated to Historical European Martial Arts–HEMA– and those in pursuit of the Art of Fencing.

Fencing history is full of people who have stood up for ideals, honour and love. The inheritance and stewardship of these traditions is important for any fencer who wishes to follow in the footsteps of the ancient masters.

St Mark was founded with this at heart. We believe that if we wish to honour our history and traditional fencing culture we must also carry ourselves with a certain dignity. The equipment we use for HEMA and the clothes we wear should reflect the ideals.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to only provide you with goods of the highest quality. St Mark is a brand for historical martial artists, by historical martial artists. Our goal is to make you proud to wear and use our products, because they are made with love for HEMA, fencing history, and tradition.

We take our name from the patron saint of the Marxbrüder. In 1487 they became the first fencing guild that was approved by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III.

Who are we?

Axel Pettersson is probably one of the most famous practitioners of HEMA today. He has won more international tournaments than anyone else, and he also travels the world to teach and hold workshops. He has trained and coached a long range of successful competitive fencers.

Anders Linnard is the founder of Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, he has a great competitive track record, and is the first Swedish National Longsword Champion. He is well-known for his interpretations, pedagogical methods, and for his philosophies on fencing and visions for traning.




price 210 euro

The Koning glove in black color is now available as an option in the webshop.…/

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St Mark - Fencing Clothes & Equipment
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St Mark - Fencing Clothes & Equipment
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